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Posted by jon on March 20, 2009 in not so deep thoughts, sports talk |

So after yesterday’s post I got to thinking about my comment on a cereal bracket, and so today we’re going to setup my sweet 16 breakfast bracket.  I have talked with several folks today and I think we’ve put together a solid list.  (Just for full disclosure’s sake, earlier today I noticed on ESPN’s site that one of their radio personalities apparently made a similar cereal bracket comment.  I guess there will have to be room for two breakfast brackets)

Round 1 The Sweet 16

1. Cheerios
16. Apple Jacks

8. Raisin Bran
9. Coco/Fruity Pebbles

4. Captain Crunch
13. Coco Puffs

5. Frosted Flakes
12. Rice Crispy

6.  Frosted Mini Wheat
11. Smacks

3. Lucky Charms
14. Kix

7. Honey Nut Cheerios
10. Trix

2. Fruit Loops
15. Cinnamon Toast Crunch


Here’s the breakdown as I see it.  Cheerios gets the 1 seed cause let’s face it Cheerios is good any way you cut it.  They’re healthy, tasty, and the perfect children’s snack.  In the 8/9 you’ve got a contrast in styles.  There is healthy Raisin Bran verse the Flintstone powered pebbles.  I’ll take the two scoops please.  Next, you may be kuku for Coco Puffs but the Captain will have him walk the plank.  And in the classic 5/12 faceoff Tony the tiger will take on Snap, Crackle, Mitch and Pop.  On the surface Frosted Flakes seems to be the favorite, but don’t sleep on the world’s most talkative cereal.  The Crispys are not only a strong cereal, but when added to marshmallows they become one of the best snacks of all time.  In the bottom half of the bracket the only tight match seems to be the 6/11.  Smacks, whether it is the honey or sugar verity will have a hard time topping the sweet and healthy mini wheat.  Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops should each move on easily, and finally Trix, being only for kids, will take on the second verity Cheerios on this list.  It’s not just the power of Cheerios but also it boasts the depth of both honey and nuts.

So there you have it.  There’s your first round and we’ll see who moves on.  Feel free to comment or e-mail your votes on the first round. 


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