Spring into the Trilogy

Posted by jon on April 3, 2009 in not so deep thoughts |

It’s now spring time and in the Coder house that means one thing every year, Star Wars! That’s right, every year when the weather warms up and the rain comes down its time to fire up the greatest movie saga of all time, Star Wars. *Full disclosure, there really isn’t a bad time to watch the Star Wars movies, and the spring time is by no means the only time I watch them, but stay with me for the purposes of our story.

sw-trilogyIt is a strange Pavlonian phenomenon that I have somehow conditioned myself to watch these movies every year at this time. To find its origins I look to my summers as a child (would it be too easy to say “a long time ago” here). When I was home I put in the original Trilogy while I played during the day. I’m going to guess I probably watched at least about a movie a day. Of course that’s not really “watching” the movies, but they were on none the less. If you take that out over a 6-8 week summer break, I watch the full trilogy 9-12 times each summer for the better part of 10 years.

My summer tradition was somewhat interrupted as I finished high school and began my time at Mercer, as most every summer during that time was spent working at summer camps across the country. But just when it seemed that my Star Wars flame might be dimming George Lucas rescued me with the 1999 introduction to the new Trilogy. With the announcement that May 99 would give us the first new Star Wars movie in 15 years I was saved! I began watching the original movies with friends and other true believers in anticipation of our new episode. As the May approached I discussed with one of my Mercer professors how we could include the Trilogy in our upcoming religion in film class. He not only agreed but confessed the Star Wars was the original impetus for the class and the rest of the curriculum was going to be built out from there.

So there I was. My summer time tradition had moved to the spring and since that spring, now 10 years ago, I have began watching my beloved saga almost like clockwork. While the amount of material has changed over the years, and I am an unabashed supporter of the new Trilogy and other canon additions, there is nothing that compares to watching the Trilogy. It is a love affair that began with the first glimpse of that star destroyer, and continued through the cheesy ewok music the marked the fall of the Empire and the redemption of Anakin Skywalker. And even if Greedo now shoots first, and Hayden Christianson somehow made his way into the ending of Jedi, there has never been and will never be another galaxy, far far away or otherwise, that will capture our consciousness like Star Wars.



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