2 Hours and Go

Posted by jon on May 25, 2009 in not so deep thoughts |

I have never been who has overly concerned myself with getting a lot of sleep. I like to sleep but I’ve never needed to get a lot of sleep. Some people know they need at least 8 or more hours of sleep. For some people their sleep pattern is more like a savings and loan office, if they get 5 hours tonight, 7 tomorrow, they could then stay up all night if the sleep for 37 hours the next day.

For me its not complicated. I need 5 or 6 hours to be functional the next day. I’d prefer more but that’s what I need. In college it was 3-4 but alas old age and all. By my calculations at this rate by the time I’m 40 I will require 18 hours of sleep a night, 27 hours by the time I’m 55, but that’s a problem for another days. Now just because I know how much sleep I need doesn’t mean I will always make sure to get it. Seems dumb I know but if you read previous posts you’ll see that my judgment is not to be trusted. Now, we all know that we need a certain amount of sleep to function and if we don’t get it then we either feel lousy the next day or worse can’t do anything at all. However I have a theory (perhaps one induced by a lack of sleep but its my theory none the less). I believe that we all have a point, well below our normal sleep threshold, that our body kicks in spite of the sleep deprivation, for me its 2 hours. As curious as it seems if I get 2 hours of sleep I can kick it in and make it through the next day. I don’t recommend it and I may not enjoy the day as much but I can make it.

This was the case this past week. I was sick most of the weekend and didn’t feel up to doing much. Saturday evening I was more than excited to see my bed. I threw myself in and prepared for the long and much needed rest. Sadly it did not come. I lay there, and tossed and turned and after a couple hours I decided I needed a break from my not sleeping. I got up and did some work, and then played on facebook. After a while I knew that I was now ready for sleep, but upon returning to the bed I endured 2 more hours of sleepless lying. I ended up getting about 2 hours of sleep, and when I got up it was with a resentful resignation. It was almost like my body had decided I was a huge jerk for setting the alarm but it was going to bail me out none the less. The 5 loaves and 2 fish got nothing on what my body can do on 2 hours of sleep. I made through a very full Sunday and even was able to enjoy preaching that evening. And that’s my theory. I think everyone need to find that sleep deprivation sweet spot.

Now the proverbial rest of the story is that Tiff let me sleep in the next day and I vowed to myself to get plenty of rest from now on…and this time I mean it…at least for now.

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