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Posted by jon on June 22, 2009 in but seriously..., family and friends |

Its Father’s Day 2009. It’s the 29th edition I’ve had the privilege of being a part of (ok 30th if you wanna count in the womb, but I didn’t want to get political). Last year my participation underwent a dramatic change. This is my 2nd year being the focus of this day rather than part of the cheering masses. The funny thing is that it doesn’t feel like a day where I am being brought to the center but one where I find myself shuffling to the back of the stage trying to find the part in the curtain. I don’t feel like someone who has done anything worth being celebrated. Heck, most of the time I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. Its only by the grace of God and that little picture of a bathing suit tie that I can put a swimmy diaper on the right way. I guess if we’re honest most of us feel that way. In truth I think what makes a dad great is living in the constant fear that you could really screw up this poor kid if you’re not careful. That constant awareness of the delicate nature of that which has been entrusted to us.

For me its that awareness that make it impossible for me to understand an abusive father. Sure I get tired and I get frustrated but not once in the last two years has it ever crossed my mind to have anything but infinite compassion for my daughter. Perhaps that’s a God thing, perhaps it has as much to do with my example. My father is a great man and a great dad. When I think of that father’s day stage its men like him that I believe we are celebrating. He was soft spoken, but strong enough that there was never a question of who was in charge. There was a healthy fear of his disciple but neither my sister nor I ever felt intimidated or scared, but rather we knew we were infinitely loved no matter what.

star-wars-male-bondingMy dad is a wiser man than I think I will ever be. He know how to work with, not manipulate, people and he has a patients that is at the same time impressive and endlessly frustrating. There have many time when I’ve wanted to act or rant or any number of other actions but he being him was patient and it was for God’s glory. He is the definition of meek. Which is great, he’ll inherit the earth and then, as long as I stay in the will, I’ll inherit it from him. Sweet!

To the fathers…happy you day. I guess that includes me…Happy Father’s Day me. Why thank you very much self. Same to you. You’re too kind me and so good looking. You’re not too bad yourself self.

See what I mean. Is the thought process of a responsible father figure? At least I’m doing better than Darth Vader. My wife is still alive and my children have all their extremities.

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