Home Sweet Home: Camp Diary #4

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The last two days of FUGE camp were just absolutely crazy. Sorry to those who emailed, but I’ll briefly recap. The first couple of days taught us about having faith to let go and faith to stand. Then we moved into much more difficult waters. We talked about faith to take a risk and step out in the unknown and faith to wait. These are probably two of the hardest concepts for any of us. Faith to take a risk though is all a matter of perspective isn’t it? What appears to us to be a risk isn’t a risk at all really. When was the last time God called anyone to a task to big for God to handle? When was there a task too big for God period? We’re called to take a risk but its only a risk because we are so not God and God is. For God our great step of faith is nothing more than an infant finally letting go of the coffee table and trying out their legs. When I take C to the pool it is always an awesome moment when she stands on the side of the pool and just jumps to me. She may afraid at first but when I get in front of her and she focuses on me all fear is gone and she just leaps off the side knowing even though she can’t swim yet her daddy is more than sufficient for her needs. That is faith to take a risk.

Of course the final lesson may be toughest. Having the faith to wait is often agony. We’d rather be active. At least in doing something we feel like we’re at least somewhat in control. Waiting is the ultimate act of surrender. It is admitting that you are fully reliant on someone else to act before you do. This week I was asked by a student how can she tell her friend about Christ. After we talked about some different ways she told me she had done that and unfortunately there comes a point when we’ve done what we’ve been called to do and we have to wait for God to either open another door or bring someone else along to continue the work. This is especially hard when we are aching to see a friend or family member come to know Christ. But waiting is sometimes what we’re called to and in our waiting we can glorify God more than with our actions. Waiting is hard, but God is faithful and that sustains us.

As the week drew to a close we collected a missions offering. The main focus of the week was our neighbors to the north, Canada. Canada has really become a spiritually dark place. It is a moralist country, and we confuse a good people with a saved people. Today almost 90% of Canadians would go to hell. There is a great need to reach our neighbors. On the night of the offering the 1,500 students in attendance collected $23,783 to support the missions work. It was awesome to be a part of God working and student giving. I have more to say about this but we’ll save it for next time.

This week I learned that we expect too little from our students. They are more capable than we give them credit for. I learned not all goldfish are cute, and there are certain smells that come from an all guys rooms after a week that were not meant to exist in nature. And I learned that God is calling us to move, and faith that cannot move you is a faith that cannot save you. God’s call to move can be anywhere because God is everywhere.

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