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Posted by jon on June 6, 2009 in fun and games |

I got to see several movies this week. Here’s my thoughts on a couple of them:


Taken – I just finished watching it on DVD and it was pretty good. Liam Neeson channeled a unique combination of James Bond, Chuck Norris and Qui Gon Jin. Lots of kicking of butts and many names were in fact taken. It had just enough suspense and action to keep you in the movie without going too far over the top, and as a parent it really pulled on those emotion (Kids are so intrusive, I can’t even enjoy a simple shot em movie without thinking of her). If you haven’t seen it rent it asap. I don’t think its one I’ll be purchasing but its definitely worth a viewing.


night-at-the-museum2Night at the Museum 2 – Full disclosure, I was not really all that excited about seeing this so my expectations were very low. Lets be honest the first one was funny enough but is there anyone who thought this movie would be anything more than a rehash of the first movie. With this being the case I’m happy to report this was a very above average sequel. It was both funny and while it did repeat several of the jokes from the first it was different enough to stand on its own. I did enjoy it but if you’re wondering, and if you’ve read this far I’ll just assume you are, wait and rent it, but it’s worth the 2 hours.

wolverine-originsWolverine – Finally I saw Wolverine a couple weeks ago, but hey I’m a slow typer. This one was really all it was advertised to be. This was not a movie for the Marvel purist but for those who want to see Logan cut down everyone in sight, this is your flick. The 1st three quarters of the movie was awesome. It was a little predictable but hey we’re not in this for an Oscar we wanna blow stuff up. And blow stuff up it did. The fighting was great and my personal favorite was the onscreen debut of Gambit. They did a good job of making Gambit a solid character. I hope he returns in coming flicks.

Still to come this summer…Transformers is just a few weeks away, I’m pumped. See you in the theater.

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