Tiff: The Force is Strong with Her

Posted by jon on July 13, 2009 in family and friends |

jontiff3I talk a lot about my wife here and on the book of faces. Usually its good, sometime I get in trouble, but after almost 6 years of marriage it has been nothing if not interesting. I think any honest couple will tell you that there is nothing easy about marriage and ours is no exception. In our short time together we’ve bought a car and a house, both been unemployed at one point, gone through a complete career change, begun a masters degrees, had our first child, and much more. Honestly if we had known all this was going to happen ahead of time there may have been some 2nd thoughts. However, all of these things, both the wonderful and unpleasant, have brought us to a better place than either of us could have gotten to on our own. And I believe the key is that it brought “us” to this place. Even on the worst of days I can’t even imagine anything but us.

for-carlos2This is my wife: Tiffany is a 1st grade teacher, though she has not always been so. Just a few years ago she was working a job that didn’t satisfy her in a college financial office. Now while too many people would just accept their fate Tiff decided to do something about it. Over the past 2 years she has taught in a classroom while going through a very difficult certification program with summer and night classes. Of course, as is her way she has overcome those obstacles. Through red tape, course scheduling issues, and an entire change in the structure of the program she is a part of she is now set to finish her masters at the end of this year. She faithfully stayed with me through an extremely trying experience as church staff in the midst of a church split, and she continues to amaze me with her devotion. She is strong, resourceful, and far more compassionate than I could hope to be. She has a heart that cares for all her students no matter how annoying they seem to me. She is a talented writer and an extremely handy youth minister. She is passionate, strong willed, kind, and beautiful (very beautiful!). Anyone who know her know that she never fails to speak her mind or let her opinion be known. She neither has to be, or wants to be the center of attention, but she has always been there for me, usually far more confident in my abilities than I am.

family-09She is not perfect, and I don’t try to overlook her imperfections. The same passion that serves her so well also tends to make her react, at least initially, more out of emotion than logic and she is very possibly the least patient person alive when it comes to wanting something she has set her heart on. But these are not imperfections that need to be fixed, rather they are part of the mixture that makes her who she needs to be, and I love her more today than I did when we began this journey six years ago.

I am convinced there is no one else in this world that would put up with my eccentricities, and all in all ridiculousness. And if all of the already mentioned reasons weren’t enough to draw me to Tiff, there is a 32 inch reminder of our love running around with an infectious smile and her mom’s good looks. And that is Tiff and I’s greatest accomplishment. huntingAt this point not only can I not imagine a world without “us,” I can’t remember what it was to not be a part of “us”. Its as if that was a part of someone else’s story. For that matter its getting harder to recall a day without having Cee constantly going with another Veggie at the ready and a heart wrenching “Hello Daddy”. It is easily the most humbling and beautiful thing I hear every day. And on top of that I now have a non-embarrassing reason to walk through the toy aisles in Wal-Mart. Score me! But I digress.



To Tiff and Cee, I love you. God is Everywhere



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