The Fish Called Weasley

Posted by jon on August 31, 2009 in family and friends |

orange-and-whiteWe are now about a month removed from Cee’s B-day festivities. Her uncles decided a great gift for their 2 year old niece would be a fish tank. I guess they wanted to teach her about death and loss at an early age. We started with six small goldfish. It’s never a good commentary on an animal’s longevity when they are sold for less than $.25. Basically any transaction that requires you to wait for change on your quarter is not a long-term purchase.

Alright so we have our fish, and sure enough within 48 hours our six-pack is thinning fast. We were down to 3 fish quickly. Actually we had 2 normal fish and one suspiciously large fish. Cee named one Messy since he was yellow with large brown specs on his back (note the masculine pronoun is only used because of the patriarchal nature of our society and not because I check any of our gold fish, so get in the kitchen and deal with it…also note that I understand I will likely sleep on the couch for that last comment…alas). Messy had made it to the final three but it was clear he would not make it any further. We were down to 2.

Perhaps, the only thing sadder than Cee looking for Messy among the 2 remaining fish was when she would pull Tiff or I to the empty tank after all the fish had died to show us “the fishys”. With only two remaining once one “died” (there was never a body found and big fish was getting still larger) the other was floating within a day. Like a excerpt from “Where the Red Fern Grows” they needed each other (again note it would have been the version where one dog eats the other which I as remember it would be a departure from the original text). It was depression, or we didn’t feed them enough, or we fed them too much, or looked at them wrong, seriously they’re fish.

wesley-fishSo determined to make the fish tank a success we went to Pet Smart over the weekend and bought some more fish. There are 2 identical orange ones we’ve named Fred and George, and a white and orange on that looks cool but doesn’t yet have a name. Tiff will name him if Cee doesn’t get to it first. On a scary note, while at the Pet Smart Cee was tickled to death over the guinea pigs. Maybe one day we’ll move up mammals, but not this day.



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