10 Random Thoughts

Posted by jon on October 17, 2009 in fun and games |

randomthoughtsOkay, the last 2 posts have gotten us away from our general ranting, and have almost given this blog a purpose. I’m here to put that to an end. Here are 10 random thoughts with no purpose other than their own truth:

1.    If you don’t know how to use the self check out, or you have gift cards or produce…GO TO A LINE WITH A PERSON!!! And get out of the way!

2.    You should be allowed to hit people who talk loudly during a movie. Even the trailers.

3.    Trailers are the best part of going to the movies. It’s the only time you’re annoyed if you miss the commercials.

4.    The term “people watcher” is just something creepy people call themselves so they feel better about themselves.

5.    My grandmother hates modern worship music, Christian rock, and guys with long hair, but thinks everything about me is wonderful. I guess that’s unconditional love.

6.    The NFL is more fun to watch than college football.

7.    Star Wars is the best movie series of all time and there’s not a close 2nd, period. (No discussion, put your hand down)

8.    Why do people feel obligated to answer the phone when they really can’t talk? If you’re in the bathroom, hit ignore. You can call me back, we’re not disarming high explosives.

9.    We don’t care how cute your pet is. We’re happy you got one, we’re sorry when it dies or is sick, but that is where pet discussion should end. I’m at best marginally interested in your cute kid stories, don’t approach me with pictures of Fluffy’s hair bows.

10.  I don’t want a pig, a duck or a cow from your farm and I won’t join your mob!!!  Facebook was intended to allow you to keep up with the friends you don’t make to call, to pretend you remember or liked them back in high school, or harass your favorite Doug in your life. Oh, and to advertise your blog, which you can read at http://godiseverywhere.joncoder.com

Enjoy your day. God is Everywhere.


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