In Dog Years I’m Only 4

Posted by jon on October 1, 2009 in family and friends |

jonI turned 30 Sunday. It is of course the natural progression after turning 29 last year but it is somehow not at all the same thing. Thirty is a round number (no fat jokes). It brings to a close a whole decade and begins a new chapter. I guess at the end of any decade you can amazed by the change. The 1st ten years you go from an immobile mass to an extremely mobile ball of energy. Ten years later you move from childhood to the beginning of adulthood. You’re expected to finish school, vote, and decide what to do with your life. But even in light of those amazing metamorphosis it is in the past ten years that somehow even more has changed.

Ten years ago I was at Mercer just trying to figure out what the heck was going on. I spent as much time @ the Waffle House as my dorm room and rarely saw the bed at anything resembling a reasonable hour. There are times I still don’t know how I got from there to here. It seemed that before I knew it they were calling me a graduate, and I was off to Memphis to continue studying before I really knew why. Over the next years I would rack up a collection of titles: fiancée, husband, homeowner, car owner, reverend, minister, and father.

Today I still feel like this isn’t completely real. I can’t help but wait for the real adults to come and take back over, but last night I watched Cee climb up on the stage @ church and turn off my amps and the stage lights, and then she pulled a chair over and turned the tv’s off in the youth room, and it hit me again that I am the adult.

I don’t feel like I am incredibly old. In fact I feel perpetually stuck at about 24-25. In fact I have to stop and figure out how old I am when I’m asked. Maybe that in itself is proof of old age but what I mean is that I just default into that age range. I think a truism of working with students is that it makes me feel young because seriously adult don’t do messy day, but at the same time it reminds me regularly I’m not as young as use to be (one lockin proves that).

I guess in the end I’m lucky to have an amazing family, a career that I love, and friends that are fiercely loyal and supportive. The presents are nice too! In the AMP Friendslast decade I’ve faced trials and suffering that I would have never thought a possibility, and I have enjoyed times of almost unendurable joy. It is true that God’s plan for us is for our best and for us to live our lives to the fullest. And I guess getting older is not so bad, its just a little more time on this crazy ride. God is everywhere.




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