Searching for Answers and Finding Me

Posted by jon on October 8, 2009 in but seriously..., not so deep thoughts |

This is a post that has been interrupted a couple of times this week. Once by an unexpected solar system model and once by a two hour chat with HP tech support (both of these are stories worthy of telling but now is not the time). So I’m pleased to finally be able to share with you guys a couple of random thoughts (I know you’ve been dying to hear them).

While posting one of my last entries about turning 30 I noticed something odd. I have an app on my site here to keep track of the number of hits my blog gets (which the 30 post got the 2nd highest ever and was only beat out by the sappy post about Tiff). This app also tells me how people came to the site, like a Facebook or Twitter link or from a search engine and it tells me what they searched for.

This is where is gets a little weird. Most folks come from FB and Twitter, and there were a lot that even just typed in joncoder.com or godiseverywhere.joncoder.com (I like to assume it’s a saved favorite cause I won’t even type in such an accursedly long title…wait, I just did…curses!). But I noticed I’ve gotten a lot more search engine referrals lately. There were a couple where people searched “God is Everywhere” which I can only assume means they were looking for me (who can help them, they’re only human), blogand one was a search for Jon Coder and again I don’t think I’d be vain to assume that was also directed at me. However, I’m not sure everyone was quite so satisfied with their search results.

To the person who searched for “How to fix ugly hair” I hope the tale of my coloring woes was entertaining and encouraging but I doubt it was educational. And to those who were searching for “ferocious pink things” first, why? Second, was this really what you were looking for? While that disturbing dog might have qualified I’m not sure its what anyone is looking for. I’m hoping the person looking for “male bonding” found no help here, but I know I helped the folks looking to “compare and contrast honey nut cheerios and regular cheerios”.  My expert analysis for the breakfast bracket (pt2, pt3, pt4, pt5) was just what they needed. Sadly, to those seeking advice on “how to get chicken smell out of your car” the only way I got away from the smell of the chicken-mobile was to have some run a red light and total it out…so, try that.

Oh well, whether they found what they were looking for or not I guess they hung round because a lot of my older posts had been viewed, so that’s fun. I guess some people like to hear me talk (or watch me talk, or see my words…whatever) as much as I do (I could listen to me all day).

But there is one person I would like to seriously address. To the person who searched “If God is everywhere is he with me in tough times,” I would want to say to you that if there is nothing else that comes off these pages I hope you see that God is everywhere. God was in your hard times before you ever knew there would be hard times. The Bible tells us if you know God as your savior then God has promised that all things have been worked together, by God, for your good. Trust me friend, I know that those words do little to help when it all hits the fan, but from my most painful experiences I can promise you that God never leaves you and never forgets you, and God is never shocked by what is going on. There are times that we can’t see where we’re going but we have to trust that the God the created all of heaven and earth and everything in between might have a little better idea of the results your current situation will produce. It comes down to a question of trust. I trust God, and God’s track record has been pretty solid. Just remember, God is in control, God is good, and God is Everywhere.


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  • Sharonne Wright says:

    Me and my son were just having this very discussion this evening. He asked the question..What if God were that man on the corner? My answer to him was that God is with us wherever we go and as he has been told so many times before.. God is with us always no matter what we have done or what we are going through we need to remember this. Brandon’s facial expressions for those who know him give him away. When we were discussing this he looked at me (in that Brandon way) and said..I never thought of it that way but we all should look and act more like GOD everyday! How awesome when your child gets it!Thanks for sharing this and reminding us that God is Everywhere!

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