Seriously Ridiculous

Posted by jon on February 19, 2010 in not so deep thoughts |

Throughout the month of February AMP has been seriously ridiculous. No, seriously, that’s been the whole month. We’ve been talking about the ridiculous. About how it’s crazy that God would love us this much and how God works in ways that sometime just don’t make any sense at all (ask Abraham about that). But in the midst of our ridiculous theme God decided to seriously work.

sr_logoWe’ve been leading up to this week for several weeks now. Laying the ground work by discussing how God’s ways are not limited to the things that make sense to us (thank goodness), and we talked about difference between grace and justice.

Justice is getting what you deserve. I asked the students if they were promised $10 for cutting the grass what’s the 1st thing they want when they got done. Of course they want their $10 because that’s what they deserve. On the other hand, I asked how they’d feel if their parents came around at the end of the month with a tab. What if they wanted your part of the rent, food money, or utilities? At that point no one was as interested in fair play. We only want fair when it’s convenient for us.

Grace is not getting what we deserve. Grace is our tab being picked up by someone else. Grace is more than we can understand and more than we can ever repay. God’s grace is limitless and there is nothing we’ve done, nothing we can or ever will do that can over shadow God’s grace. And though we’re quick to think, “sure that true for everyone else but not me” there are no exceptions to grace.

All this leads to this week’s AMP. With the idea of grace and God’s unusual plans in mind we turned to the cross. Only God could have come up with this plan. God created. And God created not so we’d just bow down but gave us the will to choose God. We being the infinitely bright creatures we are we chose everything else.

But God had us covered. What does any good parent do when their child falls? God picked us up. Why? Because God loved each of us so much that God give Himself in our place so we could know true life and real love. It wasn’t so God could lord it over us forever and remind us of our failure but so we would be reminded of God’s love. Jesus was the Word of God and that word was a love letter. Every insult hurled at Christ as he walked to the cross was an “I love you”. Each nail was, “I choose you”. His death was a sonnet that shames all other poetry. His resurrection was a declarative, “You are mine!”

But still in light of all that we are scared of what we might have to give up to receive this grace. Of all the seriously ridiculous ideas, this is the winner. Oh no, we might not get to sleep around, or watch filthy movies. How could we settle for the love of the Holy, Infinite, and Glorious God of everything if we don’t get to see Saw 83. Our God loves without limits, and that is seriously ridiculous!

This week 3 of our students decided they couldn’t live for anything less than God’s love and they accepted Christ as their Savior. Even as I write this 24 hours removed I am still overwhelmed by the magnitude of that truth. Three souls I love with my whole heart will worship with me for all eternity now. Yesterday I was worried about the songs the band would play and the video I’d show and all the while God was busy rolling out the welcome mat for the kids. God is amazing and good and everything else I can’t even begin to describe. Our God is just seriously ridiculous.

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