Tales From the Slopes Part 2

Posted by jon on February 18, 2010 in not so deep thoughts |

The second day of skiing is always a little more difficult. First, you’re still very sore from the first day of skiing. Second, your first day’s experience messes up your second day. If you did really well the first day you almost always go into the second day a little too overconfident. If your first day “didn’t live up to expectations” (translation you spent more time horizontal than vertical) then you go into the second day one bad fall from calling it quits.

AMP Group PicOur second day stated well. We broke into several groups. The crazy jokers who thought there wasn’t a hill too steep. Then there were the ones who could stay upright most of the time but also stayed more to the medium difficulties.  And finally there were was the conservative crew. Though we got them to some of the tougher trails (and they did excellent) they really needed to stay to the more familiar runs.

Throughout the day it was really cool how everyone took turns skiing with everyone else. The groups mixed naturally and easily. We had a good time skiing then hanging in the lodge, and back to the slopes. We stayed to ski at night because throwing yourself down a mountain on two skinny strips of wood isn’t “fun” enough, let’s do it in the dark.

Unfortunately, our night skiing was interrupted by injury. We had one student take a bad fall. Not because of anything he did anything wrong or stupid, but just because falling happens. I’ve got to tell you, it’s always fun, as a youth leader, to get the phone call saying one of your students is at the first aid station about to go to the hospital with a broken arm. Good news/bad news, his arm ended up not being broken but he did have a mild concussion. At this point he’s doing good and just taking it easy while everything settles back into place. It was a sour note on an otherwise great trip.

Off the slopes the trip was equally positive. Our group had good chemistry and for the most part got along really well. One night we had an impromptu jam session in the hotel hallway. Almost the entire group sat out there for over an hour just singing through most of the praise songs in our folder. It was cool to watch something so pure just happen. No planning, no powerpoint, just worship.

We talked about “the call” we each have on our lives. We heard about Moses’ call, out of the normal day-to-day rut, into God’s extraordinary plan. We learned from Elisha that God isn’t limited to what we expect. And from Joshua we saw that God calls us whether we feel ready or not.

AMP on the BusAll in all I think we had a great trip and I wouldn’t trade my students for anything. I have been blessed with an amazing group and I love each of them. Alright enough of the sappy stuff. I’m looking forward to next year’s trip and I’m excited to see what God will do with the seeds planted this week.

God is Everywhere.

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