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Posted by jon on February 27, 2010 in sports talk |

I mentioned this on my facebook a week or so ago, but I’ve got more to say and being that this is just the forum here we go. I have grown extremely weary of the wall to wall coverage of Tiger Woods. I’m tired of hearing about his press conference and I’m tired of the speculation being made about his personal life. At this point I, not a golf fan, really only want to know when he’ll be returning to golf. Anything else, don’t care. I stand by my original comments that his personal life none of my business. As a matter of fact I would extend this to almost any celebrity.

Tiger Woods is a golfer. He is a very good golfer (possibly the best ever, but I neither have the credentials nor do I care enough to make that argument), and he makes a lot of money on endorsements because he is the best in the world. I’ve never really understood the idea of endorsements. If I buy Nike golf products I’m still not going to be a good golfer, and really did anyone think Tiger ever drove a Buick?

The ONLY reason this is a news story is because ESPN, TMZ and all the other outlets know they can make a buck off our voyeuristic culture that will tune in to head the latest scrap of gossip about Tiger. The depths the tabloid culture sinks to is to say the least disturbing, but it exists only because we consume it at an alarming rate.

Tiger is just the latest celebrity to find how curious we are. Here’s the top and bottom of it, He’s a golfer! If the story is not about golf then Tiger should not be in it. What Tiger did to his family was horrible but that’s just it…he did it to his family. I’m not a part of that family and he doesn’t own me any kind of explanation or access. What happens off the golf course is not my concern nor could I care about it less.

The idea that Tiger should be condemned for his actions more than anyone else is just silly. The moral outrage just startles me. Again I’ll emphasize that I think his actions were horrible and I feel for his family, but he’s not a role model. He’s never said, “be like me.” Perhaps I’d understand if he was a spokesperson for focus on the family or something, but he isn’t, he’s just a golfer. If you look up to Tiger or you allow you kids to look up to Tiger without being parent enough to give them context then you deserve the fall you got when he fell off your unrealistic pedestal.

Really my complaint is just that I can’t watch Sports Center or PTI without have to endure more about Tiger. I know football is over but can’t we find something to talk about. Sadly for Tiger if this story broke in the fall it wouldn’t be a headline for more than a couple days. It would have been buried by the land slide that is the BSC and the NFL. But because it’s a slow time in sports news we’re stuck hearing more about Tiger. Maybe I just miss football…that’s probably it!

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  • Rainer says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more on ending the coverage of Tiger. It’s an outrage that the media is so concerned with personal lives of celebrities.

    Unfortunately, I think many do look up to Tiger. Before this he was a “model citizen” and he was amazing at golf. People need inspiration, and he gave it. Considering how many families don’t have good role models, kids and even adults have to look outside their own small world for that inspiration.

    But, yeah, the coverage of this is crazy. Let him go away and heal himself and his family and then let us know when he’s back.

    BTW, you’d think there would be plenty of basketball and Olympic coverage right now!

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