Did YouTube Kill the Movie Star

Posted by jon on March 3, 2010 in not so deep thoughts |

If you reading this then you already know that ANYONE can have a blog these days. Social media (ie Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc) have taken over the way this generation communicates. We don’t call, we text. We don’t e-mail we facebook (and seriously my spell check needs to accept that “Facebook” is a word, heck it’s a noun/verb/adjective). When was the last time you sent someone a FB message and then were annoyed by how long it took them to get back to you?

The video below was just so startling to me at the magnitude of the impact social media now has. It isn’t a fad that will pass. Sure new things will come, and quickly, but the truth that we communicate differently is here to stay. It is a shift in the culture we live in. And at this point to say “I’m not really a Facebook/Youtube kind of guy” is like saying “I really think electricity has run its course…its on the way out.”

If this is true and the most powerful communication tool is directly in our hands how will we use it. Its something to consider the next time you’re on FB playing Farmville, Fishville, or Milli Vanilli (Trying for a pun…too much??? Perhaps). The next time you find yourself in hours 3, 4, or 10 of YouTube videos ask yourself, “Is there a way I can build the Kingdom of God with facebook?”

Is it a silly question? I don’t think so. The people on your FB page are more likely to avoid a product if you post a negative experience. Conversely, if you praise a restaurant you went to your FB buddies are likely to try it as well. Do we use our social media to show people the gospel that we say drives our existence?

You don’t have to post the Roman road as your status and I am certainly not endorsing those “if you believe in Jesus you’ll make this your status…if you don’t you hate God” messages. No its simple, you believe in the gospel…check. The gospel, the good news is fundamentally the way you see the world…check. Why not just work in something…anything really about how God is working in your life. How your excited about church tomorrow…how you enjoyed church yesterday.

**Authors note: To make this work you might actually have to let God work in your life and you might actually have to believe the gospel…but that’s another post altogether. **

Hey, just food for thought. Enjoy the video. God is Everywhere.

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