Seriously…Why Can’t Phonics be Spelled With an “F”?

Posted by jon on March 11, 2010 in not so deep thoughts |

I am a terrible speller. I know a lot of people say they can’t spell but I seriously don’t even try. I just type something close to what I want and I let Word guess at the right word. This time around I’m not going to type this in Word and we’ll just see how bad this gets. My spelling is so bad that it is not unusal for word to say…”um, I got nothing.” I feel that if its going to that stupid red line under a word it should at least have a better suggestion orkeep it to yourslef. If its just going to say (no suggettions) then really, what was the point of bringing it up all.

It goes back to the 2nd grade. We would do spelling bees with the weeks spelling words to “help us study”. This classroom trama is one of the first times I realized that not all adults in my life could be trusted with sharp objects. This woman was clearly teaching 2nd grade because she was not qualified for the 3rd. Why is a spelling bee a stupid way to study for a spelling test? Well how about becuase the kids who need help studing are eliminated first thus not recieving any of the help! I was 7 for crying out loud and I could see that.

Each week we would have 15 or so words and 2 or 3 “elephant words”. These are words not spelled how they sound, which, by the way, is a stupid idea, and  whoever thought that “thought” should have and needed an extra “ugh” should be beaten by every 2nd grader on the planet. I digress, in our weekly torture bee it would never fail that she’d go alphabetically (a bad word to use without spell check), and when she got about three students in she would decided it was a good time to whip out an elephant word (yes, Coder was three names into our class roll). It would go something like this: “Tim, spell cart. Jane, spell shop. Jon, spell beautiful.”

To this day I cannot confidently spell “beautiful”. At least Mrs. Wilson can retire know that she touched one student and that is what they say teaching is all about.

Now I’m not saying she is the reason I can’t spell. I’m just saying, I can’t spell. Cee is getting smart enough to pick up on Tiff and my conversations. So we have started doing the spelling thing. “Do you have the c-u-p?” “Will you take her for her n-a-p?”. What’s sad is that about the best I can do. Tiff will spell something to me and I have to stop and figure out what she spelled. Finally after my feeble attempts Cee just look up and tells me what Tiff wants. Its embarassing to be out spelled by a 2 year old. Oh well I’m sure I could take her on in an even game of Madden football. And really who needs to spell as long as you still have video games.

Until next time, God is Everywhere.

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  • Rainer says:

    Agreed on all points! I’m a horrible speller, too…I just really don’t want to use up my brain on “‘I’ before ‘e’, except after whatever else the rule says and can’t remember”. However, with the progression of SMS abbreviations, it’s only a matter of time before we drop complex sentences and spelling and just stick to “BRB”. Then, we’ll be OK. TTYL.

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