A Good Reason Not to Go to Church

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The Church serves many purposes. It is the gathering of believers, it is a place of worship, and it is our primary tool for teaching about our God. The church’s purpose is to be nothing less than the embodiment of God at work in our world.

The Church as Jesus intended it was given a great and sacred responsibility. Isn’t it funny (meaning tragic) how we have traded that most glorious of commissions to be satisfied with being a social circle and a voting block. These days the Church, splintered into a thousand factions, has become more consumed with protecting what is seen as our bit of turf. It is more important to excommunicate anyone who thanks differently than to unite under the banner of Christ (unification through subtraction I supose).

Though at times things seem bleak, none of these are reasons to stay away from the church. Above are ills that, if anything, are why we need reasonable believer to help steer the church back to her true course. It is really very simple. The basis for our Church and reason we can’t give up on her is because the Church is our response to God.

The Church is where we share our experiences, where we worship, where we centralize our service, and where we focus on the Holiness of God. That is the reason why we go and the reason why not to go is like it. If you have made the conscious decision that there is no God then there is no reason for you to be at church. Am I missing an evangelical opportunity? I think not. If one can look on creation and not acknowledge that there is a creator (however undefined) as Romans 1 and Psalm 17 express then what good will this Sunday’s sermon do them.

The truth is I have a hard time believing anyone who says there is no God. Really? We just got here on our own? Millions of moving parts go into making the human body and if any one were not in its place we could not live. But no, I’m sure it all just came together.

And that brings us to a crossroads. If you have decided in your heart that God cannot be then this is where we part ways. I have little hope to offer you.

To the believers, the unsure and ambivalent we may press on. As I said it is almost impossible for me to accept someone who believes there is no God; however, it is quite understandable, almost reasonable, to question whether either we could ever know this God or if God would care about us in our sad state. These are the best questions. How could God? Why would God? These question let us begin to get know our God. It is where we begin to explore God’s character. Because there is a second great evidence we have to the existence of our God.

While the comprehensive beauty of creation should be enough to testify to God’s presence, it is often only the first step for most people. They see that there must be more and we are given a chance to share our great truth. We can know there is a God because of the way God has worked in our lives. Our personal customer reviews, if you will, have a huge impact on those who we share them with.

Jesus said we should be a light on a hill and we are to bring understanding to His people. God has been revealed to the world with creation, and let us bring understanding to the revelation with our stories, our worship and our service. Mostly, let our story be our love. That’s what church is.

God is Everywhere.

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