Death of a Friend

Posted by jon on June 9, 2010 in not so deep thoughts |

It is a dark day indeed. My ipod touch has finally stopped working (oh the pain to even type it!!!). It has been coming on for a while now. It began a couple months ago. I started losing the sound in one ear and if I adjusted the headphones it would work fine. I thought at first it was a bad set of ear buds but after replacing them the problem continued. It got progressively worse until now my headphones don’t work at all.

For most people this would be an annoyance and they’d move on. Perhaps those are healthier people but for me my ipod is practically glued to me most of the time. It could be an addiction, but I like to think of it as a tool. When you are as easily distracted as I am it is very helpful to drown out as much as you can. It is my defense against ADD (febble defense).

My ipod is not that old but it has probably gotten 10 times the use of a standard model. I use in the car (safely of course), at work, at home while doing chores, and even to help me sleep. Alas, it has been a time of mourning in our home. I thought all hope was lost. I began checking price on a replacement I wouldn’t be able to afford, but things looked bleak. Apple no longer makes a 16GB touch and the 8GB is too small and the 32GB is a little think on the price end.

But in the darkest night there shined a glimps of hope. I called Apple just so they could tell me there was nothing they could do, but it turns out I’m still covered under my warrantee.  

Hoorah! There is justice! He told me I’d have to go to an Apple store. He said there were 2 near by. Even better! One was in Alpharetta and the other Birmingham. You know right around the corner. It took some explaining but I finally conveyed the point that those were not in fact “close” though I guess if you are speaking in relation to Australia then yes they’re next door.

So now I am off to the UPS store. I will send my baby on a journey that will take it to unknown lands to see the ancient ipod witchdoctors of old. There will be trails and hardships but when it returns to me it will be a man. Good luck my faithful friend. I hope your trip is safe and I will miss you terribly while you are away.


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