Today’s Leftovers: Chicken, Cars & Cat Litter

Posted by jon on February 3, 2011 in not so deep thoughts |

Thank you so much to everyone who had nice things to say about my video yesterday. It was very nice. I have though found that is hard to find something to say every day so today I’d like to dip into the archives.

Here’s a lesson I learned the hard way about car care and how some mistakes can be undo. It is a sad tale but at least it was funny. This was originally posted in June 2009 under the title “Chicken, Cars, and Cat Litter”. It’s hard to believe this happened almost two years ago. Enjoy.

“Chicken, Cars, & Cat Litter”

This past weekend we had a chicken bar-b-q to raise money for the youth ministry. It was a great success. We sold out and thanks to the Macon Meat Market (*plug) donating the chicken for us we made an excellent profit. I was very happy with the event. However, I wish they had donated a slightly sturdier box for the chickens…

I’d like to take a quick moment out of the story here to just say, my wife rocks. She went to go pick up these chickens and as nice as the people were it still smelled like a meet market. But she was a trooper and not only got them but took them back to the church and put them in storage all on her own. Sadly, her good deed was not without incident.

On her way away from the market one of the boxes collapsed, spilling chicken juice and whatnot (we won’t discuss the whatnot) in the back of my RAV4 (*plug). I’ll let you take a moment to think about that…I KNOW…now add 90 degree weather…I KNOW…if you feeling a little sick its understandable. Take a second to compose yourself, I’ll wait.

So after both Tiff and I took a turn scrubbing down the back and then took it to be shampooed the smell was unbelievably unbearable. We’re talking driving with my head out the window like the family dog. Actually, that’s not true, after the shampooing it was just overpoweringly nauseating. The main bullet point of my presentation here is that it was bad, very bad.

And of course my use of the past tense is somewhat inaccurate. At the time of publishing riding in my car is like having to sit next to the sweaty fat kid on the bus in August. I hate when that happens…note to self make sure to always get to the bus early. So I took the carpet out of the back of the RAV and in what would have to be described as an act of desperation I put cat litter in the storage bin. The carpet still smells really bad but miraculously after a day or so the litter has reduced the smell in the car substantially. I’ve never been so happy to have kitty toilet paper.

***As an aside this further proves what a horrible pet the cat is; even the kitty litter is more desirable.***

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