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This weekend I was at Passion City Church in Atlanta for the LIFT Worship Collective. Louie Giglio and the folks at Passion put on an amazing event. It was a great time of encouragement and refocusing that was very much needed. There wasn’t a lot of technical training in worship, but that was ok. If there is one thing the church spends way too much time talking about its “how” we worship. After 14 years of leading worship (I throw that in to add authority to what I’m about to say) if I can make any observation it would be that there are many Christian who hold in higher esteem the “way” they worship over the God they claim to love.

So what was the main point of the weekend? For me it was a reminder of position we hold in the body of Christ. Each week we invite the people of God into the presence of the Almighty. It was a new perspective on an awesome truth that we too casually handle. We, a sad and broken people, have access to a holy and good God, who is at the same time terrifying in His grandeur and amazing in His grace. We invite the people of God into that full experience of being overwhelmed by His greatness and comforted by His great love that overcomes all our inadequacies.

But I think what really made this event special was that it was the first time I got to experience with the some of the people who mean the most to me. This was the first time Tiff and I have every gone to worship centered conference like this and we had a great time worshiping together. I also got to bring the rest of the AMP band along (my student worship band), and to see their understanding of worship and their responsibility grow made the whole weekend worth it a hundred times over.

As we got home and started talking over what we had experienced it was interesting how many different things everyone took away but how they all came back to the same truth. That truth is, “tune your guitar”. I wish I could take credit for guiding my students to this, but alas they came up with this on their own. But perhaps I should elaborate slightly.

During our first session Louie was speaking and, half joking, he told us the technical portion of the weekend could be summed up in quote from David Crowder, “tune your guitar.” Now, by itself this is excellent advice for all guitarists (and sadly it is too often overlooked). However, the greater truth in what Crowder and Louie were saying is that we should give our very best to the Lord in worship (and in every other aspect of our lives for that matter). We should be constantly improving our craft, and be prepared for God to use us. If that means simply being in tune, or learning our parts, or growing and developing as a musician we bring excellence to our worship.

But what made me so proud was how the students took that truth to the next level. For us, tune your guitar means we prepare ourselves musically and technically, and prepare our hearts to lead people into the holy presence of God the same way we prepare our instruments. We position ourselves in an attitude of humbleness and allow all the glory to the God who is worthy. And as we tune our hearts toward God we find our hearts in tune together to be our most effective as leaders.

Not bad right?!? Man those students must have an awesome youth pastor!

But what if we tuned our guitars to worship God in everything we did? What if we tuned our lives to be so God centered that everything passed through the lens of a holy perspective? How would it look if we were more in love with God of worship than the god of Worship?

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