Love is More Than a Hotdog

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“Love” is a word that is used way too much. “Love” and “awesome” are both words that have lost their power because of the way they have been too casually thrown around. “Awesome” should mean you are rendered speechless or that the weight of a moment has so overwhelmed you that it is hard to breathe. Instead we use “awesome” to refer to a hotdog, or something equally mundane. An “awesome” hotdog would be one some spectacular that we wept at its beauty and grandeur. We would gather as a people and exclaim, “I love that awesome hotdog!” Alas, that is not the case. An awesome hotdog is still just a hotdog. “Love” has suffered similarly.

We love a lot. We love things, we love people, we love pets, we love causes, we love ideas, we even “make love”. We use “love” as a greeting, a verb, an adjective, and we’re surprised when people don’t know what “I love you” means.

It’s an easy thing to say, “I love you”. Any child or moron can say “I love you”, but it’s totally different to mean it and to understand it. My daughter says, “I love you”, and she means as best as she can. But she does not understand what that love is. She knows I love her, but she has no idea how deep that love runs or how all consuming it is. When she says “love” it is an attempt to capture all the affection and gratitude she feels toward me.

It’s fine for a child to use love without understanding, but we seem to be having trouble growing out of that. We find “I love you” taking the place of phrases like, “I desire you”, & “I want you” and they are not the same as “I love you” at all. Love sacrifices everything for the benefit of the beloved. True love is willing to sacrifice even itself, and especially itself before harming its beloved. Desires and wants sacrifice everything to have its love. Desire cannot content itself with the beloved’s joy. No, desire only finds satisfaction in its own ends. Wants are blind to needs, and wants will always seek to supersede the needs of others for its own benefit.

Be wary friends, of those who would say, “I love you”, but not put your happiness ahead of their own. Do not trust those who say, “I love you”, but who refuse to seek the best for you. Flee from anyone who would say, “I love you”, but who would subvert truth.

In short, love is so much more than what we are willing to settle for. The Scripture describes love as kind, humble, trusting, patient, honest, and persevering. Love is resilient and will not fail. Don’t let yourself settle for anything less than the love God created us for. Don’t settle for an “awesome” hotdog.

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