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This is the how I see my little part of world.  There is no rhyme or reason to it but I hope you enjoy it.


Before we begin our journey together, here’s just a little about me. I am a husband, father, musician, gamer, sports fan, and amateur ecclesial commentator.  For the last decade I have been working in student ministry, and I know that is God’s calling for my life (cause I would have lost my mind long ago otherwise).

 I am proud to be the youth pastor at AMP Student Ministries. My students there are some of the most amazing young people I’ve ever known. They are family to me, and the only thing that comes before them in my life is my wife and daughter.


My wife, Tiffany, is a 1st grade teacher and God bless her because I know I was not wired to work with children. Frankly most are intolerable, except mine of course. And that brings me to my daughter. She was born in the summer of 2007 and she is most favorite person on this planet; that is not my wife.


The name of this blog is, God is Everywhere. This is a line from a song I wrote called The Laundry Song which was actually written as a joke among college friends.  Well the song became a kind of signature for me, and was the closest thing I ever had to a hit, but that line has become much more.  “God is Everywhere” is a way to approach life.  It means that I not only understand the truth that my God is omnipresent, but it means that I am actively looking to find God in every part of my life.


I think it is important for us to train our eyes to see the miraculous in the mundane. Its easy to go through our day and, if we’re not careful, miss what God is doing around us. My hope is that while reading this two things might happen: first I hope you smile, at least once, maybe twice (dare I hope for even a chuckle); and second that something written here will draw you into a place where you might get a glimpse of God’s glory.


Not very post here will drip with deep theological truth, in fact many posts will struggle to remain coherent, but the truth of it all is that God is everywhere, even in the silly (just look at the duck-billed platypus, no offense to platypus enthusiasts).


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